In office diagnostic knee scope (Mi-Eye)

What is mi-eye?

The mi-eye is an in-office advanced diagnostic tool that allows your doctor to visualize the inside of any of your joints and make an on-the-spot decision regarding the type of treatment that will be beneficial to your joint condition.

What are the benefits of mi-eye?

Most patients return to work 2 weeks earlier when using the mi-eye tool compared to traditional MRI based on the approximate timeframe for radiology testing and follow-up consultation. This is because the mi-eye diagnostic procedure can be performed in the physician’s office on the very first visit. When opting to go for an MRI, it is usually scheduled for your 2nd visit. Your 3rd visit will be a consultation with your doctor along with the results of the MRI and the surgery is scheduled on the 4th visit. By skipping the MRI and opting for mi-eye, your surgery or alternative treatment could be scheduled for the 2nd visit. An additional benefit is the mi-eye can also be used by patients that have medical implants or braces as well as those suffering from claustrophobia who may not be good candidates for an MRI.

How is the mi-eye procedure done?

There is no preparation required for the procedure. The mi-eye consists of a hand-held device with an access needle, a miniature camera, light source, and an HD screen. The hand-held device is ergonomically designed to be easily used by either hand in the doctor’s office. The access needle is inserted into the joint near the area of suspected injury under local anesthesia. The images are transferred to the HD screen in real time with playback facility. The entire procedure should take no more than five minutes. There is no downtime following this procedure.

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

With go-anywhere portability, the mi-eye can be safely used in most situations. However, there may be a very minimal risk of pain, bleeding, infection, or delayed healing.

Are you a candidate?

The mi-eye can be used by sports players who wish to get back to their team, busy moms who wish to get back to their family, those who wish to get back to work or activities they enjoy as soon as possible, or anyone who wishes to fast track their recovery.

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